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Original Handmade Clay Bead



With Africa in our blood and inspiration from the rest of the world, we create beautiful original chandeliers, lighting, jewellery and creative homeware with a unique South African flair.


Hellooow & Welcome


Introducing our original range of handmade clay bead chandeliers, lighting, homeware, jewellery and decor – all proudly handmade by the women of sunny South Africa.

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Our Authentic


Right from the beginning we made a pact to never work in wooden or plastic beads from the East, this is because they do not help to create employment for our people and they are not good for the environment. Our hand rolled clay beads support a community of under privileged women, many impacted by HIV.


Our Handmade Process

We buy in up to 4 tons of clay per month, directly from the mine. The clay is then distributed into the communities so that the ladies can hand roll the beads for us. This means that even if the women are sick they can still earn a living and support their families. The beads are dried in the sunshine, then kiln fired to over 1050C to form ceramic beads. Some beads are left in their natural ivory colour, others are then hand dyed in your choice of colour. 

Every bead is unique, they carry the fingerprints of our ladies, thats why we like to call them "perfectly imperfect". 


Something To Shout About

 As a society, we are so far removed from the production and manufacture of the things we buy, that we’ve all have kind of forgotten that someone somewhere had to make it. Therefore, we have purposefully chosen to never use cheap wood or plastic beads from the East as they do nothing to help our people or country. Our beads create employment for over 157 families.



Watch the video below to see how our original handmade clay beads get made.

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